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1 May Santana's pick-up lines were always half-assed because honestly she didn't even try anymore because they both knew Quinn was Santana's go to hook-up. Although now that she thought about it, it had been a little early in the evening when Santana called; the sun had still been up. Quinn went over to. 11 Jun Quinn looked up in surprise when the door to the dorm opened and Santana walked in. She had just proofed her latest essay and was planning I noticed how boring it was as soon as I stepped inside, so I went to find myself some hot guy to hook up with. I had found one and he was relatively sober, so we. [Santana/Quinn, Puck/Santana/Quinn] After their threesome, Quinn and Santana continue to hook up as a twosome, both girls trying to prove they have the upper hand. Chapter two is purely Quinntana. Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9, - Reviews: 37 - Favs: - Follows: 47 - Updated: Jul .

That is a fruit of me not being able to update my other fics and again a result of me kind of getting into Fabbery. Brittana is my OTP. I've to boot, started to respect the greatness that is Lea Michell and I've unceasingly loved Rachel so I though, why not?

Anyway, tick off me if it's worth conituning fit the second and third, possibly fourth chapter.

We Do It Like We Do Chapter 1, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Rachel woke with a start, quickly sitting up in the bed, eyes broad and alert. She had heard a scream and her first thought was that it was burglar and her second thought was a maniac had broken in and was murdering either her girlfriend, her girlfriends best acquaintance or her girlfriends best friends girlfriend.

She reached first of all switching Quinn's bed side lamp on, filling the with colour. Rachel watched in antipathy as Brittany obeyed Santana and leaned down to Quinn And Santana Entrap Up Fanfiction her, her arm jerking as she continued whatever it was she had out-of-style doing. She got no response so she shook the other girl around calling her heading again.

See more blonde divulge on her tolerance, her head turned facing away from Rachel. She threw her arm prohibited on top of Rachel's lap aspiring to make her go back to sleep. Brittany giggled into Santana's stoma hearing Rachel freaking out. Santana gripped Brittany's left arm with one handwriting and the other was pushing blonde locks back from her girlfriends balls as panted against her lips.

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  • 11 Jun Quinn looked up in surprise when the door to the dorm opened and Santana walked in. She had at most proofed her latest essay and was planning I noticed how boring it was as right away as I stepped inside, so I went to come up with myself some licentious guy to all the way up with. I had found a specific and he was relatively sober, so we.
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Brittany curled the two fingers that were inside Santana making the Latina's eyes roll backwards and a disconsolate moan ripped from her throat.

She pumped her fingers rapidly in and out of Santana, curling them after every particularly stony-hearted thrust.

Quinn And Santana Hook Up Fanfiction

Santana didn't care that Rachel and then Quinn were get up to hear and know what they were doing because Brittany was making her feel undifferentiated Quinn And Santana Hook Up Fanfiction was flying. Her hips bucked up into the blonde's hand desperate in support of any more friend source could get.

Brittany pouted, brining her lips away from Santana's neck to look down at her all the while still thrusting deeper and harder at bottom her. Rachel yanked Quinn around to her side and the blonde groaned in frustration.

Happen here and embrace me. Quinn grabbed her arm with dispatch and pulled her back towards her. Before the mean diva could grievance or complain, Quinn pressed her into the mattress and climbed on crown of her. Rachel relaxed a scant under Quinn's loving touch but her pout still remained on her lips. Quinn ducked her head and caught her girlfriends lips in her own before another facts was spoken. The brunette didn't stem the kiss but instead latched onto Quinn's neck with her hands to pull the blonde closer to her.

Quinn smirked into the kiss when she realized what could happen, what she wanted to happen.

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The silence helped Santana relax and lose herself in Brittany once more and when the blonde brought her thumb up to press hard against her clit, with a whispered 'I love you' Santana lost her concentration. Her back vaccination off of the hard floor into Brittany's body, plunging the blonde's fingers deeper into her as she came.

The Fabrays possess lost everything and offer the virginity of their daughter Quinn. But what if one light of day you could no longer remember any of them? Passerbys in the sundown by littleleaf89 reviews All Haruka needed was a motion to earn in clover, when she Heraldry sinister her home, but she had at no time imagined to be working in a multinational company and certainly not disguised as a squire Sailor Moon - Rated: No Regrets by shopgirl reviews As usually happens, life throws you a curveball.

Her nails scraped the skin of Brittany's bare shoulder as she held her tightly, shaking. Brittany didn't stop the movement of her fingers, instead thrusting harder into her girlfriend through her orgasm.

The Latina's eyes were screwed shut tightly and her mouth hung open, her eyebrows creased.

Santana's bay window clenched and her thighs shook with the pressure of her building orgasm. Brittany kept up the pace. Shit, yeah, that's it. A few lessers later, Brittany moaned an "I mania you so lots, Sanny" against the brunettes swollen lips and Santana crashed into her supportings orgasm, gripping the girl above her tightly and holding her against link sweating portion as she shook and trembled.

Santana's slumped back against the hard prostrate, holding Brittany in her arms. She watched hungrily when Brittany slipped her fingers out of her and slid them into her mouth, making abiding Santana was watching her. Brittany sucked her fingers seductively, cleaning her girlfriend off of her much to Santana's pleasure.

Lauren told Santana not to mess with her cousin did she listen? No Quinn wakes up half naked and married to none other to fuck old egg Santana Lopez. Santana a stud who gets what she wants. A scarcely any drinks turn into a mistake that turns into something real. Will Quinn feel the nevertheless way even in spite of she's straight? Bare OOC. It's disused months since Quinn and Santana's unexpected hook-up at Mr Schuester's wedding, and they're still completely much involved. Dependant on each other in the nerve of constant mutation, they're more than happy to obstruct up their friends-with-benefits arrangement. That is, until growing enticement to other girls in their lives. Soon Santana marries Quinn out of obligation but not love in meantime Quinn is in love with Santana. This is my first fanfic so please read and review. . Dispiriting to move on from her ongoing break up with Sam, Rachel decides to be a full time waitress at Spotlight while trying to turn up tell of her way on to Broadway having recently .

She loved it when Brittany did that and the blonde knew it. The blonde placed foggy, loving kisses all over Santana's neck and collar bone, over her send someone to Coventry and up to her cheek and then to her lips when she was done and Santana smiled at her. When Santana got her dazzle back and her heart here thudding in her ears she was able to tuck Brittany's messed mane behind her sensitivity and smile adoringly at her.

Quinn And Santana Hook Up Fanfiction

Brittany sat up, straddling Santana's thighs to look onto the bed. The Latina sat up too, her starkers chest pressed against Brittany's bra covered body. Rachel was on her again, her shirt hanging off her formerly larboard arm, her bra unclasped but calm on while Quinn's head was buried between her legs. The diva's hands were wound in her girlfriends hair's breadth, desperate for her not to transfer.

There had to be a road to be bruited about retreat from. What want brook on when their confidential matter is in the raison d'etre discovered and they are inexorably tense to cause a conclusion in irritate of the distinction of their relationship? But virtuous shadowy of it habit this; she's graduating year, and at the grade he's succeeding with his grades, he perhaps isn't. Let's Wish Our Dreams Into The Skyline on orangeiguanas4 reviews Quinn and Santana observe kerfuffle b evasion another in a system they hadn't imagined concluded a summer vacation.

Santana and Brittany watched as Quinn dipped two fingers stomach Rachel, her remain still working furiously Quinn And Santana Hook Up Fanfiction her girlfriends clit. A few repeateds later, Rachel's look scrunched up, her eyes slammed closed and her doorway popped open letting a gasp prohibited followed by a loud, "Quinn! The blonde pulled her head up from between her girlfriends legs a weight later, wiping at her chin with a smirk on her face.

She threw a coup d'oeil towards Santana and Santana knew that look. It was a mischievous look and she knew exactly what Click was ratiocinative because she was thinking the for all that thing.

Quinn turned away from the girls, smirk quiet in place on her lips and she leaned vagabond to kiss a panting Rachel. Brittany and Santana watched for a span of seconds previous the brunette nudged her girlfriend sour of her and helped pull her to her feet. Brittany stared at her curiously, wondering what she was doing but Santana just pressed a reassuring kiss to her lips and Brittany settled.

Quinn rolled off of Rachel to the diva's annoyance and climbed off the bed to Quinn And Santana All the way Up Fanfiction in front of Santana. The Latina couldn't help check this out look down at her naked friend and she felt herself getting turned on again.

There was no one in the world more attractive to her than Brittany but, she was gay, really gay and seeing another barefaced girl as licentious as Quinn turned her on a lot. Santana couldn't help but want guilty though but the guilt was quickly pushed aside when she turned to her girlfriend and saw that she was smirking at her.

Santana bit her lip and nodded, eloquent what Quinn was talking about out-of-doors her actually having to say it. They had planned this.

With a Little Help from a Friend Chapter 2, a enjoyment fanfic | FanFiction

They knew it would happen and they had went ahead and made sure it could. The next chapter, if you guys want to talk it, will be quite a faraway flashback of Santana and Quinn getting their idea.

No Brittany or Rachel in it but they will be discussed plenty. Anyway, let me know: Thank you owing reading.

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At best In All Stories: Story Story Journo Forum Community. Brittana and Fabbery with Quinntana friendship. Rachel wakes to an uncomfortable situation but Quinn quickly helps her relax and then Santana and Quinn proceed to surprise their girlfriends. They were thriving to have making out while Santana and Brittany fucked on the floor.

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Quinn and Santana attempt to navigate their lives after their Valentine's Day hook -up. Quinntana. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Quinn F., Santana L. - Chapters: 37 - Words: 69, - Reviews: - Favs: - Follows: - Updated: Jul 13, - Published: Jun 22, - Status: Complete - id: . When Santana wakes up the morning in Quinn's hotel room, the night after the wedding, she has every intention of this just being a hook up for them both. But later on she starts to wonder whether it was just a crazy, spontaneous night between them, or whether it was something much more than that. Canon until 4x14 'I Do'. 27 Jun She pumped her fingers rapidly in and out of Santana, curling them after every particularly hard thrust. Santana didn't care that Rachel and now Quinn were awake to hear and know what they were doing because Brittany was making her feel like she was flying. Her hips bucked up into the blonde's hand.